CMS Transition

One of us might have mentioned earlier that we were going to renovate the website. In fact it will be a complete overhaul. Most of us have realized by now that a slow transition was made a while ago in which we shifted the purpose of FXGaming from a gaming community actively connected by game servers to a network of designers. It's no secret that the popularity of our servers has declined over a couple of years or so to the point of stagnation without recovery. A lot of this is due to most of you moving from public game server based multiplayer games to private or session based server games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and DoTA. At the same time we have changed our focus from connecting members through gameservers to supporting game projects and such other related projects. However the website has been largely ignored and has been kept as a reflection of the past which has made it hard to navigate for some users. We'll begin to overhaul the website into something that reflects a more modern state of what we do. Cheers!
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Sven Coop

The Sven Co-op 4.8 servers are back up. This is sort of a late announcement. Some of you might have noticed that we have been experimenting with exclusive metamod plugins (Mushroom Mod and SCBot) which we have been developing for a short time now. While we aren't sure whether we will create public versions for each of them we are certain that updates for these mods will be consistent. We think this brings a new level to Sven Co-op and Half Life gameplay and we're open to any ideas that you might have. The server IPs are on the Steam group website.
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Renovations and Updates

We will be completely remaking the main site some time soon, after which news will be archived and posted in a different manner. We are also (soon) going to look for testers for closed testing in the Skyrim mod being developed by Zebraforce --because it will be developed in a manner different from our Half Life and UT mods; a cumulative approach rather than a segmented one. Somewhere in between the two will be the recruitment of the remainder of the team. We will post job descriptions and positions when the team sees it fit to do so. Have a good one.
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Zenith 1.1 Public Beta released

We have released Zenith Patch 1.1.0's Public Beta for public testing to the community. You can download it here!

This will probably be the final release of Zenith as [ES] Clan's development team on the mod has concluded its work. It's not certain whether any additions will be officially supported. Team [ES] Clan will cease official support for Zenith as of version 1.1.2 indefinitely. Meanwhile we also have two teams being assembled for their upcoming projects in Skyrim and Source Engine respectively. They will be working on these projects with our support, which will garner more support from our community and will be more open to the public modding community, since, comparatively, the UE1 modding community is small.

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Sven Coop 5.0 Custom Servers

Depending on the popularity that the upcoming Sven Coop version 5.0 brings about, we may be reviving our Sven Co-op servers. However, this isn't just going to be an addition of game servers if it does happen. We are looking into adding some unique features to our current Sven Co-op servers.
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Hello everyone!

We've recently decided, by the initiative of one of our members, to begin a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team and group, which may indicate the possibility of CS: GO servers. Tree is in charge of the CS: GO team, though anyone of the rank of AK I and above is allowed to join the group. You can see more information on the group steam page here. We'll keep you updated on the progression.
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Minecraft Hack Slash Mine/ SC Server Maintenance

Our Minecraft server IP has changed. It is now (be sure to put in the port!) We have added Hack/Mine mod and have reduced the slots.

Our Sven Co-op servers are currently down due to maintenance. We will keep you informed of the status of this issue.
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Website Error

We have recently encountered an error regarding users in our database from the server end that seems to have erased all data. Fortunately, we were able to restore it. We apologize for the inconvenience, if you needed to apply for Ent mod and whatnot. The forums are available once more.
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Minecraft Server

Upon request we have added a MineCraft server. We have recently added the Snapshot 12W04A version. Any requests for plugins and so forth can be made on the forums. The server will be posted on our Live Gameserver List panel. The IP is port 42823 (the port is probably required).
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Sven Co-op 4.6 is Out!

We have upgraded our servers to the new 4.6 version of Sven Co-op, enjoy! With this new version come new map packages and campaigns, including revised versions of original Sven Co-op campaigns, as well as the Uplink Half-Life demo and more. Some maps from older version have been modified. Some additional features include a new monster: the kingpin, and some useful tools for SC mappers. Although there are no literally "new" weapons, some of the weapons have been modified, such as the Shock Rifle, which can now charge HEV suits. There are also some massive technical error fixes which we are actually most appreciative of more than anything else.

We will be adding the kingpin monster to our Ent Mod server initially. There should be no major errors in the Ent Mod server after the transition to the new version of Sven Co-op, however, should you happen to find one, please notify us!
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